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Jul 06 - Manjo and Lil Doc

Jul 06, 2010 - Manjo and Lil Doc
Panoche Road and Lunch at Wool Growers

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Today is a Tuesday. Manjo and Lil Doc from Sudbury, MA are visiting family in Sunnyvale. So we are to meet up at the usual McDonalds in south Hollister at 0930. From there we will Ride Panoche Road then up to Los Banos and the Wool Growers for lunch.
I had an early start so I stopped at the Vista Point west of Gustine on I-5.

Although there was no wind at all along I-5 the Bulletin Board along I-5 displayed a Gusty Wind Warning for Pacheco Pass {which is normal}. I was going through Pacheco Pass {Hwy 152} from I-5 to Hollister. But this morning it was also covered in a thick Marine layer and cold. And the winds were especially gusty. I was planning to stop on the 15 foot wide shoulder to take a photo, but as I came up on a truck the truck was blowing all over his lane and often was using almost the entire shoulder. After seeing that I decided that stopping on the shoulder was not such a good idea.
Looking westward from Bell Station

Looking at the road that I had just traveled from Bell Station

I meet p with Manjo and Lil Doc at the McDonalds on Airline Hwy. We have our senior coffees and Lil Doc had her hot chocolate. We then head on down Hwy 25 and leave the Marine layer by the time we get to Ridgemark.
Hwy 25 near the Fairgrounds

The Paicines end of Panoche Road

Just east of Paicines

Starting to climb

It was fairly cool in the high 50's in Hollister, but by now the temps are in the mid 70's and time to "unlayer". We stop at the usual wide spot along Panoche Road because I know the temps will get hotter from here.
Lil Doc putting her stuff in her trunk as Manjo is starting to unlayer

Still not quite at Panoche Summit which is only at 2,200 feet

Over the Summit and it is getting hotter

We lose the center line as the road narrows here

A small climb before getting to the straights

The Panoche Inn {which is in the middle of nowhere} is closed for a few days as the owners are taking a short vacation. They probably had a big Fourth of July shindig. But they left their outhouse open. Actually although it looks like an outhouse it is fitted with a standard toilet and running water.
The dogs are also still hanging out. Neighbors must be feeding them.

We head out and in a half mile leave Panoche Road which will soon turn into a dirt road and turn onto Little Panoche Road.
The beginning of Little Panoche Road is straight, but will become a set of twisties as we get into the mountains

We have 10 miles of I-5 and 10 miles of Hwy 165 before we get to Los Banos and the Wool Growers.
Lil Doc in front of the bar door and historical marker

We just finished ordering our main course

I did not take any food photos today as I have many, many photos of the wonderful food at the Wool Growers. Click here to see another one of my Blogs with Food Photos.
Here is Manjo in the parking lot with the restaurant sign in the background

Now it was getting real windy even in Los Banos, so I did not want them to travel Pacheco Pass for the first time in what I think are gonna be really tough , gusty winds. So we take some back roads and a bit of I-5 to Corral Hollow Road to Hwy 84.

Here is a map of my entire route with Manjo and Lil Doc today:

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